Longevity & Love: In With The New

It takes a different kind of broker to achieve the life you want; being insatiably curious, courageous and committed to full service are prerequisites. The new breed of broker also has industry designations, on-the-court experience and access to cutting-edge training. And, Longevity Achieved is filled with them.

Out with the old

The old model is simple – get in and get out. Burn and turn, as they say in the restaurant industry. Gone are the days of a simple financial needs analysis coupled with insurance and investment product recommendations. That method of “service” is at best, antiquated.

Here’s the thing, it may be appropriate to create a simple solution. Burn and turn, if you will. But that became the norm! That’s where we’ve failed our clients. We (the industry) sold out. Here’s why – it is EASY to have THAT conversation.

The concept of temporary insurance is straightforward, easy to explain and easy to understand (that’s not a bad thing, and it’s our job to make any solution be that way), but better (read worse) still – it’s almost always within budget. We started to celebrate the “close” and as a consequence, missed the mark.

In with the new

If we aren’t going to have the HARD conversations, who will? If we miss that unique moment in time, when client meets advisor and there’s a perfect storm of need and willingness, there’s no better time to create vision and plan or better said, the life our clients want and a clear path to achieve it. If we don’t, the client doesn’t get what they actually came for and we haven’t done our job.

That’s not an easy conversation though. It takes something – because you’re putting yourself on the line for something, for someone else’s benefit. You make a bold promise to another human being and say – “look, you have something you want to achieve and I’m the one to help you get it”. You’d have to do something about it, wouldn’t you? And, who wants more to do?

The new breed of broker does. And, Longevity Achieved is filled with them.

For our clients

What moves you into action? Is it inspiration? Is it integrity? Or, perhaps it’s love? Maybe it’s something else.

We’re inspired by the notion of being the new breed of broker and everything that means for us and for you. The integrity with which we operate means we train and develop ourselves in all areas of life (personal and professional) all the time – in service of the questions, “how do I get better at this thing?” and “how do I create the fullest opportunity to make a difference for you?”.

Excited for every conversation and the opportunities that present themselves, we are leaders, for you. Our client relationships are like love affairs and that has us do these crazy things we’re talking about. It’s about being happy, together.

Are you interested in getting started? Or perhaps, you’ve already started and want to experience what you could achieve with a partner that’s really committed to you? If so, meeting with one of our team members is a natural opportunity, click the button below and start a conversation.

For the new breed of broker

Longevity Achieved is a Managing General Agency in Mississauga, Ontario committed to client and broker success. We are of the opinion that in order to deliver for our clients – our brokers must achieve the life they want.

We created a brokerage and MGA that will deliver on that promise. We train high-quality brokers like the good old career agent days – inside of a model that had access to the entire industry, and its products.

We are creating a new breed of broker. In concert, we provide a new business model, high touch coaching, industry designations and performance metrics – along with many other deliverables to facilitate that.

Can you see yourself doing business with a high level of integrity? If so, producing ever-expanding results in a high-performance setting is a natural fit, inquire below and see if you’ve got what it takes.

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