The Mark of a New Breed of Broker

Many brokers say they are different from the rest, but what’s the mark of someone who will truly go to bat for you? What kind of broker is the one that’s able to provide financial advice that serves you and your family to the highest degree?

The industry requires us to have a basic and fundamental understanding of how different products work and who they would be suitable for. Anyone that reads the textbook can surely wrap their head around that, get licensed, and start selling insurance products. That is the industry minimum, and oftentimes the benchmark.

At Longevity Achieved, we’ve redefined the minimum acceptable service and quality that we make available to our clients. We demand the highest level of commitment to providing full service from our brokers, as we’ve defined it. 

Full Service

It is not ‘quick service’ – and look, there’s nothing wrong with quick or efficient service, which is distinct from the burn and turn methods we’ve come to expect from some. Full service is also not service for service’s sake.

So, what is it? Therein lies the question! It is a BIG basket. Here’s two points that are fundamental to full service, the way we define it:

  • The clients’ true interests, rule. It’s not necessarily what’s said out-loud – that can be related to as, “the first layer of the onion.” Full service requires a keen listening for what’s of interest and importance to our client and serving that.
  • Deliver the expected and unexpected. This isn’t a matter of under-promise and over-deliver, that’s so yesteryear. This is over-promise and deliver and then deliver some more! We ask, “What would knock my clients socks off?” If we can’t find it, we’re not looking hard enough.

We place ourselves in our clients shoes. We take the time to get to know who they are, how they think, and what’s of core importance to them. We can provide answers to the questions they didn’t know they had, and certainly couldn’t articulate. Beyond full service, exceptional service. 

Exceptional Service

To most, it won’t come naturally to give such a high level of care in a field which is considered or sometimes labelled as “sales” – which there’s nothing wrong with, but sales has certainly gotten a bad rap, and rightfully so for the greed that inevitably surfaces in some. 

What it really takes for a broker to be a new breed of broker is beyond a deep concern for another human’s life and loved ones. It’s a commitment to becoming masterful in what is undoubtedly the most difficult industry to be masterful in. Becoming masterful not to be masterful, but doing so because that’s how we can sit with a client, have tough conversations, make a bold promise, and ask the client to take action and implement what we know is the best pathway to achieve the life they want. It’s also having that client say “yes.”

There are books upon books, upon speakers upon courses – how to sell and how to get a “yes” from your client. A new breed of broker has certainly trained and developed themselves to be highly successful in this area. We’ve done this not because we want to “close” or, “get one,” but because the only way for a new breed of broker to truly serve our clients is to provide every opportunity for that client to say “yes” to taking the actions required to achieve the life they want. If we don’t, we stand in the way of our client’s lives, we become their obstacle, not the timing or the money, or anything else they may need to deal with to take action. 

The Mark

Being the highest “producer,” the broker with the most clients and the highest income, that’s the mark – if that broker is among the new breed of brokers. Because we are compensated by a commission, which is a calculation derived from how much protection the client purchased – in other words, the financial benefit the client will receive in the future – this makes being highly paid more than honorable, it’s celebrated. 

A new breed of broker having a client say “yes” to a future financial benefit of $1,000,000 would certainly be deserving of higher commission than a future financial benefit of $100,000 for their client. The more the client benefits, the more we are compensated – a simple and honourable model. The difference is that a new breed of broker wouldn’t sell a higher future benefit to a client who doesn’t have an interest in that higher future benefit. A new breed of broker doesn’t think about the commission, but they gracefully accept the pay check when it arrives. 

The new breed of broker thinks of the client, as if their own mother or child, as if themselves – but not as themselves. They think of themselves as the client and their advice is given from that perspective, knowing what the client doesn’t know and knowing what’s required for the client to have the life they want, be achieved. 

And that’s all I have to say about that. 

So, where do you find a new breed of broker? Of course, we are not the only brokers out there providing this level of service, but we may be the only team of brokers all in one place. If you’re looking for us, here’s where to find us: start a conversation. We’d love the opportunity to take you into our utmost care.