Bespoke and High Touch.

Longevity Achieved is a full service, multidisciplinary, boutique insurance and investment firm. All that to say, we provide made to measure service across multiple industries in a family office environment. And, we’ll be in your corner – along with our expert accountants, lawyers and industry partners.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost, Poet

The wheel is already invented – we’re talking about the mega-machine of insurance and investment sales. An attempt to reinvent it would be futile, so embrace it, right? Not so.

Rather than accept the status quo – we choose to challenge deep-rooted ideas of how things should be done. To be clear, this is not a war on the proverbial wheel or big insurance and investments, for that matter. Rather, we’re endeavouring to understand the fundamental principles (of the products) and analyze the existing methodologies (of the delivery). We embrace what works, discard what doesn’t, elevate where appropriate and transform where necessary.

Humbly, we pay homage to and honour our predecessors. This, wouldn’t exist without them – remember, they were once the ones who challenged the status quo! However, this is our opportunity to create anew, not from old ideas, information and pre-conceived notions – yet informed by them.

Where we started

Longevity Achieved is a full service, multidisciplinary, boutique insurance and investment firm.

Full Service

It is not ‘quick service’ – there’s nothing wrong with quick or efficient service, and that is distinct from the burn and turn methods we’ve come to expect from some. It is certainly not, service for service’s sake – that too, emphasizes the advisor, coming from “I should be service-oriented”.

So what is it? Therein lies the question! It is a BIG basket. Here’s two points fundamental to full service, the way we define it:

  • The clients’ true interests, rule. It’s not necessarily what’s said out-loud – that can be related to as ‘the first layer of the onion’. Full service requires a keen listening for what’s of interest and importance to our client and serving that.
  • Deliver the expected and unexpected. This isn’t a matter of under-promise and over-deliver, that’s so yesteryear. This is over-promise and deliver and then deliver some more! What would knock their socks off? If you can’t find it, you’re not looking hard enough.


There are two aspects to this – the first is a professional standard or duty-of-care. The second, we’ll call it enlightenment. And, they’re interestingly intertwined.

Let’s start with the enlightenment part. It was not long ago (and it’s still pervasive) that not knowing the answer meant something about the advisor – they’re ill-equipped, unprofessional and not up to the task. In turn, and in the interest of self-preservation, fake it ’till you make it was the name of the game. We don’t need to delve into the irresponsible nature of going it that way.

Now, we’re starting to acknowledge the courage and power it takes (let’s not forget humbleness) to say “you know what, I don’t have that answer right now, let me get it for you”. What?! That’s service, right? Kind of.

… I do not fancy I know what I do not know.

Socrates, Philosopher

This ties nicely with professional standards or duty-of-care. Now that we know it’s okay not to know; and further, understanding who our clients are, their unique needs, wants (and deeper, desires) – we best shape-up or ship-out!

Now distinguished – that there will be answers we don’t have and areas we don’t know enough about AND our clients are unique and in some cases have complex needs – it is incumbent on us to predict and prepare for those occasions. “I don’t have that answer right now, let me get it for you” is insufficient.

So what does shaping-up look like? Persistently, train and develop to be the best at our craft, then, eat a piece of humble pie and consult with other professionals.

Better yet, create a business so client-centred, so revolutionary – that rather than consulting with those professionals from other disciplines, have them say, “we may as well do this together and serve all of our clients.”

So, that’s what we did.


What do you see when you hear the word boutique?
We see a beautiful storefront, elegant and luxurious, in a palatable package where you’ll likely cross paths with the creators, designers and front-line consultants musing over industry trends and current events.

What do you feel when you think of the word boutique?
We feel catered to and known – it’s like the consultant intuitively knows why we’re here and it’s a warm welcome – as if the carpet was rolled out just for our arrival.

What do you expect from a boutique?
We expect an intimate, personalized experience, top-notch service and one-of-a-kind products.

That’s why we used the term boutique.

Insurance and Investment

Simply put, a significant portion of achieving the life you want will include money. Be it current or future lifestyle, generational intention (as in, a concern for the future of the people around you) or making a positive impact on the causes you care about – it takes time and/or money – and one causes the other, interchangeably.

Insurance and investment products deliver on two key components of wealth: wealth creation & wealth preservation (there’s more, though).

With that said, we use the diverse array of insurance and investment products as tools that ensure the life you want is achieved.


There are a plethora of descriptors for a business and structures in which to operate. We’re not an advisory, agency, brokerage or consultancy – though we do all those things. Similarly, we’re not an association, group, manager or mutual – though we do all those things too. We thought any one of those would limit our capacity to serve our clients.

We are, however, firm in our commitment to our clients and the culture we’ve created and operate consistent with.

We’re structured like a firm too, with opportunities for advancement for our team members and highest performers – from intern to advisor or consultant to partner and every opportunity in between – with junior, intermediate and senior designations in each.

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