Travel Insurance (travelling Canadians)

Emergency Medical Insurance
Lost Baggage Insurance
Trip Cancellation Insurance


Canadians are traveling the globe for leisure, business, and study. These international travelers are faced with an ever increasing number of health and safety concerns. Given the heightened risk, smart world travelers are planning and preparing more than ever to avoid potential hazards.

The simple fact is that existing health insurance plans are inadequate when taken across Canadian borders because they strictly limited overseas benefits. In addition, most health insurers will refuse to pay to get you to a higher standard of care should you need to be evacuated due to a medical emergency. Savvy travelers are aware of these limitations and are not leaving anything to chance.

Travel medical insurance policies are designed to pick up where your primary health plan leaves off. If you do not have health coverage, these plans act as primary insurance while abroad. The best designed plans offer more than emergency benefits.

They cover big ticket items such hospitalization and surgeries but will also pick up the tab on physician office visits, ambulance services, prescription medications and more. The premier plans make it a point to cover sickness or injury due to a terrorist event or a pre-existing medical condition.

Critically, some policies will pay medical providers overseas on a direct basis so you can avoid hassles and red tape.