Our Team

We are a community comprised of individuals from all over the world, collectively communicating in more than 15 languages and dialects. Together, we develop and implement creative plans that meets your diverse and unique needs.

Longevity Achieved is a Managing General Agency in Mississauga, Ontario committed to client and broker success. We are of the opinion that in order to deliver for our clients – our brokers must achieve the life they want.

We created a brokerage and MGA that could deliver on that promise. We train high quality brokers like the good old career agent days – inside of a model that had access to the entire industry and its products.

We are creating a new breed of broker. In concert, we provide a new business model, high touch coaching, industry designations and performance metrics – along with many other deliverables to facilitate that.

Can you see yourself doing business with a high level of integrity? If so, producing ever-expanding results in a high performance setting is a natural fit, click the button below and start a conversation.